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May 2017

THE E&O CORNER        Why do E&O Claims Occur Against Insurance Agents, Brokers? Insurance agents and brokers often ask us this simple question: Why do errors and omissions claims occur against them?  Simply stated, one of the reasons why E&O claims

February 2017

THE E&O CORNER The Importance of Documentin We are all aware of the phrase caveat emptor. In common parlance, this Latin phrase translates into its most basic and popularly understood form, “Buyer Beware!” Simply put, it means the onus is

Summer 2019

THE E&O CORNER THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN AN INSURANCE AGENCY OR BROKERAGE PURCHASES ANOTHER AGENCY OR BROKERAGE OR  A BOOK OF BUSINESS             The current market conditions present many opportunities for insurance agencies and brokerages with regard to the acquisition

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New York – The E&O Report

JULY 2019

                                                   THE E&O REPORT The Importance of Using Insurance Coverage Checklists      One of the best E&O loss control practices for insurance agencies and brokerages to follow is the use of coverage checklists.  This simple, but highly effective, E&O loss

October 2017

THE E&O CORNER  Every Agency or Brokerage Should Think About Natural Disasters Before They Occur               Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria – this year’s Atlantic hurricane season has been extremely active and there are still two more months to

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